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Announcement [Global]: Welcome to MyCreed World

With great pride we present a brand new MyCreed Global website together with all the other brands under MyCreed World. When we launched the Global websites months ago we worked hard to make unique content. Like the Assassin`s Creed Revolver series written by Ivar. And many more blogs and articles. Now after today we have a new website with even more content then before.

As you can read in the MyCreed World announcement we decided to rebuild our websites to one powerful Assassin`s Creed fan community website. Here we can do everything under one roof and we can link more content with each other. Also for or followers and fans it makes everything way better in every way.


What can you expect now from us as MyCreed Global, well the same thing as what you are familiar with. With articles, more Assassin`s Creed (background) information. And of course written blogs by Ivar and also Michael will start to write some Blogs!

And of course all the daily / weekly content on Facebook will remain as it is!.

With kind regards,
Michael & Ivar
MyCreed Global

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