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VERSUS SERIES: Bayek vs Edward

In this series of articles, I am going to explore the characteristics of Bayek and some other main characters from the franchise. Enjoy the read, as I will take you on a journey across time, locations and lots of violence… *warning! spoilers ahead!*

Weaponry and fighting skills:
Edward Kenway has a various set of weaponry, which he uses to board enemy vessels. He wears two cutlasses, which are dangerously sharp and are easy to use on both land as sea. He also wears up to four pistols, which each can only shoot one bullet. This makes him both a danger from close by as ranged. Bayek can use multiple weapons and becomes more skilled in each of them as he travels through the country of Egypt. He has two bows and up to two different primary weapons. These weapons can be used to fight from the back of a mount, a carriage or simply on the ground.

Both of the characters are highly skilled in what they are doing, but my bet would be on Bayek in a fair fight. However, Edward is more skilled in trickery and would most likely be fighting only in a way he would know he could win. They are both very deadly, but Bayek is by far the more honorable throughout his life, although Edward surely redeemed himself in his later life.

Personality and life:
Edward Kenway was a privateer long before he even heard of the Templar Order and the Assassin’s Brotherhood. This made him a rough person and not that kind to others, but the playful inner child was always present throughout his life. His life wasn’t easy, as he was a boy from a poor farmer’s family back in Wales, he had marital troubles (to say the least) and after being forced to join a ship as an Privateer, he was stuck in the West Indies for years. After the war, he became a pirate which led to fame, loads of money and a lot of nightly encounters with the opposite sex… He thought he had it all, but he was never so wrong. Especially since he later heard that his wife Caroline had died a few years earlier, leaving him devastated. He however had a daughter, which no one had ever told him about.

Bayek on the other hand knew real love. He had a beautiful wife whom he saw regularly and a little kid which he absolutely adored. This changed however when the Templar Order killed his son and hunted him and his wife as enemies of the Pharaoh. Bayek had everything what Edward would have ever wanted, but couldn’t keep it. Eventually Bayek also loses his wife and stays behind alone and broken. His knew what life could be, but in the end, he lost all of it. His life now only revolves around getting sweet revenge on those who have hurt him.

Edward loses almost everyone he had ever cared about and returned home, away from the life of piracy, death and dishonor. Back in Great Britain he married a beautiful lass and fathered her a son, which he called Haytham Kenway. Edward started to research the First Civilization, a simple and quiet life in comparison to his life a decade earlier. This was however his undoing, as the Templar Order made an successful attempt to assassinate him in 1735.

In the end, both Bayek as Edward lost so much, a normal person wouldn’t be able to handle that. I actually envy them both, as even in the worst odds, they continue pushing through. While Bayek lost everything except his life, he was very depressed in the end. I hope he has found peace somewhere later in his life. Edward lost a lot, but died knowing that he had a son, a daughter and a beautiful wife who loved him. He might have lost his life, but not love…