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VERSUS: Bayek of Siwa vs Altair Ibn-La’Ahad

Today it is time again for a new Versus part. This time it is Altair Ibn-La’Ahad who will face Bayek. In which ways does Altair distinguish himself for the others and Bayek. Let’s find out.


As always we first discuss the weapons they use. As we know Bayek has the abbility to use any kind of weapon basicly and wields them all perfectly and he can use fire and posion on them. Altair on the other hand as a completly other style of fighting. He relies on his sword he always uses and has trowing daggers, and ofcourse his hidden blade. That’s it! Though it may seem that Bayek exceeds in this part, I personally see more beauty in the use of just the three weapons you have, then be skilled in any kind of weapon. Both of the men are powerful, but defeating any man with just the same tools you always have has it’s charm.


We know how Bayek lived ofcourse, but the life of Altair has been more a of mistery of us. You must have played all the background games and read all the database entries to truly know Altair. What we then can know is that Altair was mentally conscious when his father , Umar, was executed. He was then just a few years old. He was taken in the fortress of Masyaf and raished by Al Mualim. Altair always saw him more as a father before. He followed the commands of Mualim and grew up as a true Assassin. In his years in training he made a friend to, Abbas. He was the son of Altairs best friend Ahmad Sofian. He later killed himself when he drowned in guilt when Umar was killed. Ahmad gave up Umar’s name when he was tortured.

Altair became very skilled and by that he got an important mission to retrieve the Apple of Eden, but failed. Which led to the siege of Masyaf. As a result of these events he was demoted to novice. We all know how the rest unfolded. In the end he killed his former master and took his place. Eventually he wrote the Codex which the other members of the Order in later ages found and used for their purpose.

While most of the other Assassins lost their loved ones before they became Assassins, Altair found love in later age. Altair, ofcourse, never experienced love because of the isolated life he lived. It was only when he was mentor himself and changed the ways of the assassin that he got the experience life in a new way. Through this he met Maria, who was then a Templar. You should have met her too in Assassins Creed I. She was the one who tricked Altair in killed the ninth target. When Altair captured he, she tried to escape several times, but failed everytime. In her years in Masyaf she grew closer to Altair. Eventually they got two kids together and went on missions with eachother, like the mission to kill Genghis Khan.

To come back on Altair’s best friend Abbas. Abbas was both strong and weak, but truely had not any kind of honor in him. He betrayed Altair many times, he was one of the most stubborn figures in Assassins Creed history. When Altair got the Apple Abbas took it from him after throwing him of a cliff. He didn’t know the kind of power it held and the Apple drained his life. Altair got in time and saved him. He thereafter apologised. Then some good years followed. But when Altair, Maria and their oldest son went to the Far East to go after Genghis Khan, he played a coup against Altair. When the three returned they found a guy named Malik in the dungeons, their youngest son killed and a council was formed. Altair went searching for answers and later found out that the coup was in motion. In the fight Maria was killed and Altair fled.

Talking about backstabbing, Abbas must have been the best one. Altair kept faith every time he saved him, even before the Apple of Eden Abbas wasn’t the most kind hearted person.


What do you think about the skills of Altair against Bayek’s and how the two had to deals with struggles in life?