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The Birth of the Creed

Ptolemy and Cleopatra are both on opposite sides in the civil war. Bayek and Aya serve Cleopatra, while a secret force tries to keep Ptolemy in place. This ensures their reign of power, as Ptolemy is just a puppet, but then everything changes… *warning! spoilers ahead!*

While traveling and assassinating the ones responsible for the death of Bayek’s son, it is revealed that the murders are all members of a secret order called the Order of the Ancients. Killing thousands of innocents, sparking wars and assisting the war lords in the country, they try to gain the absolute foothold in the area. While fighting through the entire country of Egypt, we encounter the Order on many occasions and unravel their plans to ensure power and peace.

While their goal might be “righteous”, it is the way they try to ensure this goal which nothing but pure evil. This is what the order is based on: war, death and power. They go as far as to kill children on many occasions and hurting the ones who are trying to life a normal and peaceful life. As long as the order is in Egypt, Egypt will not flourish anymore. Not on its own…

On his hunt to kill the people responsible for the death of his son, Bayek encounters dozens of allies and people who need help. It is in them that Bayek finds hope for Egypt and the entirety of the civilized world, while he lost all hope before. It is those people, the freedom fighters and normal citizens, whom sparked the birth of a new faction. A faction which fights those who hurt the innocent, a new creed which opposes anyone who threatens the freedom of the people. A brotherhood which serves in the dark to serve the light…

This is the birth of the Creed. The start of a secret society who act as assassins, ensuring the freedom in the world. They will continue to do so for the next two thousand years. They are the Assassins whom are the only one who opposes the order. Welcome to the origins of the brotherhood of Assassins, welcome to Assassin’s Creed.