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Origins takes us to a new world: Not just any new, but incredibly beautiful and full of ancient wonders. No doubt Msyaf was impressive for the first free world to run through and yes I fell in love with Firenze, but ancient Egypt blows me off my seat. Ubisoft really put all they had in the game this time! And apart from the beautiful scenery even the sandstorms look incredible. In this post I would like to take you to some of the most beautiful monuments and landmarks of Origins Egypt.

At first of course Alexandria, not my most favorite specially because of the Greek aspects of the city. But still one of the most important cities of that time. Most of all for its harbor and great Library. And not to forget the famous lighthouse.

And don’t forget this is where me met the love of Bayek for the first time in the game.

Next stop is the great Temple of Sekhmet south of Alexandria. A magnificent temple particularly known for its rows of giant columns.

After a short desert stroll with your horse or camel you enter the Giza plateau, although there is a lot of sand, the giant white and gold giants mesmerize you: Yes lets climb these! Who could ever resist doing that. And best of all you can also do a side mission where you can enter the pyramids to take a small peak into its ancient mysteries and secrets, while finding all it treasures as well. True or false it does not matter, because no one knows.

Then another one of my favorite Egyptian places: Memphis. With the largest temple in the game the temple of Ptah. The city’s giant temple walls greet you as you come near and they gave me goosebumps. How did this ancient civilization build such magic.

Another unexpected but really cool location is the Crocodile Temple of Sobek. Which is literally ruled by crocodiles and not just any crocs, also a giant ass white crocodile ` child of Sobek´ which you have to save from the brutal Romans and lead her back to the Temple.

But believe me these are just a few locations, there is so much more to explore! I recommend discovering every part of the map, it is absolutely breath taking.