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Most of us will have visited the Plateau of Giza. Of course the three Pyramids gain most of the attention, which is rightful, but Giza holds more interesting places besides the tombs of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. Let’s discuss what else there is to found, in the modern age and how it holds up against the in-game version.

Modern day Giza and history

One of the most known ancient wonders  are the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Its giant complexes and Sphinx hold mysteries only Horus knows. Now characterized by a sandy, desert climate its vegetation was more flourishing  during the build of the Pyramids, one believes, the Nile supposed to stretch further towards the pyramids to transport stone blocks and other supplies to the building site and probably used during the burial scene of the Pharaoh. Several boat docks have been found besides the giant tombs and I do not believe they could float on sand.

The smaller pyramids of the Queens, and not to forget the famous Sphinx and dozens of stone cut “mastaba” graves  and other tombs are to be found in the area. Secret shafts to underground chambers have been found by many archeologists. The causeways sadly destroyed now, lead from the pyramid to valley and funerary temples. A few still stand partially.

A workers village was also discovered south east of the Menkaure and Khafre complexes where they found bakery’s houses beds and beer breweries. I bet there still  is  adventure and mystery Assassin’s Creed  style waiting for us right now.

The pyramids hold the tombs of three great pharaohs, Khufu ( largest) Khafre ( middle) and Menkaure (smallest) though many archeologists believe the giant structures hold more than just the tombs of these kings. Many secrets are still to be discovered, a few are already found but one does not know exactly what secrets they behold. A new void has been found above Khufu’s grand gallery and inside the burial chamber there are shafts found which lead to the outside of the pyramid on 2 sides, but why? Who knows if these secret shafts and spaces will ever give away their price. We can only hope to discover one day.

In game Giza

The surroundings, though very sandy are amazing in game, the Pyramids still have some gold  on top and white limestone all over, it screams to be discovered and climbed. The surrounding mastaba graves and small pyramid tombs are fun to explore and loot. You never know what you are going to find around a corner. Thieves, hyena’s and cobra’s surprise you every minute. But the treasures you find scattered around are more than worth it.

The causeways from the pyramids to the valley and burial temples are still partial intact and give an impressive site from Senu’s point of view and an idea of what it looked like a long time ago.

They really have given it all at Ubisoft to make this as real as possible, I even feel as if I have been there myself. They paid attention to every detail, from old causeways and temples to dozens of rock cut tombs and village parts. Even the sandstorms and mirages are amazing to experience in game. In my opinion the  games open world is perhaps the most realistic recreation of ancient Egypt ever made.

Missions to attend at Giza

Besides discovering the tombs and tablets at all three pyramids there are a lot of side missions to be found at Giza.

The main important will be finding and defeating Khaliset also known as the Hyena.

At this mission we finally encounter our first glimpse of the ancient ones just like Ezio once found inside the vault In Roma. Strange markings and stones illuminated by foreign lights and a strange voice coming from somewhere in the room.

After killing the Hyena the sandstorms disappear from the plateau and peace returns. Time to save the people  of Giza from the left over oppression in the area.

Overtake enemy camps and save civilians, free them if they are captured. Save people from attacking hyena´s and recover items that have been stolen by bandits. Discover what is beneath the Sphinx of Giza, and unlock some bonus material. Search every inch of the area and be amazed how it

There is much to do, loot other tombs in the area like the Adorer of Toth tomb in the mountains ahead. Or go just a little bit further to see what secrets Saqqara holds.