Subject: Ivar Blaauw
Sex: male
Date of birth: August 4, 1994
Member of the Brotherhood, Templar, ROGUE
Favorite character(s): Ezio & Edward
Favorite part(s): III, Liberation & IV
Member since: September 5, 2016

1. What is your role inside the MyCreed Network?
I‘m the Editor, Facebook Editor and Graphic Designer of MyCreed Global. I am mostly active on the website of MyCreed Global and its Facebook page, so I can participate in active discussions about Assassin’s Creed.

2. When was your first contact with the franchise?
Assassin’s Creed, back in 2007. I was about 12 years old back then and the game gave me the most amazing experience I ever encountered. The moment Altair and his horse reach one of the main cities in the game, your horse pranced and you see the entire city underneath you.

The graphics were amazing and at that moment I thought: Wow, so this is Next Gen gaming…

3. Who is your favorite assassin or templar? And why?
This is hard to answer for me, as Ezio was the one who made me love the series, but Connor and Edward gave me a wonderful gameplay experience in the Caribbean and lots of clashes with the British Empire.

4. Besides being a gamer, are you a collector or an historian?
I collect the figurines of all characters and currently am the proud owner of: Altair’s Sword and Knife, two hidden blades and two cosplay costumes… Historian? Yes, I am. I have always loved history and I believe we can look to the future by learning from the past. Experiences are not to be forgotten, but don’t stay in the past either. I think that after having graduated History Class with a solid 8 out of 10, I know quite the lot of our own history. I love how Assassin’s Creed brings forth all these characters, shows their characteristics and links them to a fictional story. However, I understand that sometimes Gameplay is more important than actual History (Jack the Ripper DLC, King Washington DLC).

5. What has Assassin's Creed taught you in your personal life?
That you should seize every day like it is your last. Do what makes you happy, do what makes others happy and in the end it isn't about earning lots of money, it is about happiness.