Subject: Erin Philippi
Sex: female
Date of birth: May 27, 1986
Member of the Brotherhood
Favorite character(s): Ezio Auditore, Edward Kenway, Evie and Jacob Frye
Favorite part(s): Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood and Black flag.
Member since: August 5, 2017

1. What is your role inside the MyCreed Network?
I am an editor for the MyCreed Nederland and Cosplay & Creations Facebook page and website.
I will be posting on both Facebook pages and the website about new items, cosplay, art and everything Assassin's Creed.

2. When was your first contact with the franchise?
In the year 2010 a colleague borrowed me Assassin's creed 2. I started playing and 4 hours later I looked at the clock and figured I had to make dinner. The story amazed me and made me want to play more and more. I was truly in love with it. At that time I also discovered cosplay and my first cosplay was born, the courtisan.

Ever since I bought every Assassin's game that was released and if possible a special edition. Besides the game and collectibles I was also interested in the novels, Yes I have got them all.

The franchise never ceases to amaze me, although Assassin's Creed III was my least favorite part I still enjoyed playing, the special editions and figurines who does not want to buy them?

With Origins on its way I could not be more exited.

3. Who is your favorite assassin or templar? And why?
Ezio Auditore da Firenze stole my heart and a lot of my free time, so yes definitely Ezio. If not for him I would probably have never visited Firenze and San Gimignano in real life but I did and I am very thankful for that. I also like the way he grew not just by age but by wisdom and heart. He became a wise and strong man a true leader of the brotherhood.

4. Besides being a gamer, are you a collector or an historian?
Tough question, I guess I am a bit of both. I do not know and collect everything but both sides share my interests. I love to look up historical facts and read or learn about it, collectibles only the ones that really scream my name, and that are a lot.

With Origins on the other hand, I have been interested in Egyptian mythology and history since high school so in this part I will definitely be the historian.

5. What has Assassin's Creed taught you in your personal life?
Actually it did not teach me anything new but it reminded me of some important parts of life. Together we are strong, think before you act and respect each other. I also like that it brings people together from all over the world, by gaming, cosplay, Facebook you name it. Meeting new people and share your passion can create good friendships and give inspiration.

And of course nothing is true and everything is permitted, we already new that deep inside didn't we?