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MyCreed Announcement

Dear Assassins and Templars,

We have an important announcement regarding MyCreed World. After today we will continue as simply ‘MyCreed’. We will say goodbye to our brands MyCreed Global, Creative and World. MyCreed Nederland will be changed to MyCreed. We’ll continue to post in our native language: Dutch. I will explain in this announcement why we’ve decided to do this and when all this will happen.

I started with the brand ‘Nederland’ (Dutch) in 2013 and in the next few years I’ve created Global, Creative, World and many more. I managed these pages proudly, along with many teammembers. Years later I noticed that we’ve lost activity on the last few brands. Only our Dutch brand was and is still active on a daily base.

We’ve decided to go back to our basics which means we will quit with our English based brands Global, Creative and World. Our Dutch brand MyCreed Nederland gets a rebrand as MyCreed and will be managed in the Dutch language. By doing this, we put the focus on just one brand and in our native language: Dutch.

So with pain in our hearts, we say goodbye to our fans of Global, Creative and World. What will happen now? If you still want to follow us, click on this page and our website will shift to

I want to thank all the fans of us who supported us in the past years. This was a hard decision but for us, it is the best thing to do. We continue with our passion for Assassin’s Creed in a smaller version.

Many regards,
Founder of MyCreed Michael Braam

And some special regards of the entire MyCreed team,
Ivar, Erin, Thijssen, Elinor, Martien, and Kris