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Impression of Elinor

So, everyone is super hyped about the release of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, I pre-ordered the game when it was announced out and I have been exited ever since. I played for a few hours before I had to stop. But you probably want to know what I thought about the first few hours of game-play. So here are my first impressions of the game. I will try to limit the spoilers as much as possible.

It may not be a secret that I chose Kassandra. I just love a female bad-ass. I felt that she is more of a ruthless murder machine than Alexios and considering the beginning it is necessary. I personally feel that the game is aimed at  the little devil in all of us. The part that just kills for fun in the game.

I play the style of completing each area before I move on or complete the missions that are needed to move forward. I don’t really miss the hidden blade, because I think the spear is about the same thing. At least, it has the same feel for me. It looks and feels like Origins, but it has a different edge to it. I think it is because of the choice freedom in it. It has a very nice feel of Assassins Creed, but also of a more open world game.

Assassins Creed Odyssey is the best combination of an open world game and Assassins Creed. Even if you cannot climb on buildings and free run as much as you would like. The sneak you need for the objectives and bandit camps, is just enough. The game is amazing and it has a great look and feel. It is like Origins, but it somehow is not like it. The best thing is that you can choose whether to kill or to spare people. To choose which quests to accept and places to discover. The other great thing is that you can choose for the original feel of revealed locations or to discover the world completely on your own.

In conclusion, I love it. I have searched a very long time for a game like this. It somehow has a Fable feel in it? Probably because of the choices and upgrades. it is amazingly put together and the locations and surroundings are even better than Origins.