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What if? Golden Age of the Netherlands

Assassin’s Creed was always the way to go for young people who are interested in history. Instead of reading stories about people who have been long dead, you can now see them in the flesh, while an arching story combines all the stories. History is no longer dead because it is alive and well in Assassin’s Creed. During the What if? Series, I will delve deeper in the possibilities the Assassin’s Creed’s stories can go. Read more

SATURDAY THEMEDAY: Weaponry – Ranged weapons

Assassin’s Creed initially started off with a tiny crossbow, one which Altair wore on his back. This feature was scrapped however and we ended up with long bows only. Not that this is a problem; as we had throwing knives to kill our targets from a distance. Let me introduce you to the ranged combat of the Assassin’s Creed series..

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