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[Blog] Michael`s reaction to The Ezio Collection

So here it is my first English blog (besides the announcements) where I will give my opinion about the gameplay trailer we saw last week. So please be gentle with me 🙂 For us fans we can relive the Ezio trilogy again. We can go back to Italy and meet the young Ezio. And the new fans can finally see the story of Ezio in better graphics. But are these graphics good enough even for a remaster?

For months we saw pictures on the internet with fake covers, images, videos and many more. Then finally we saw some promotion pictures in high res on a French website with Ezio. immediately everybody was talking about these pictures. And guess what?! These pictures where the real deal! The Ezio Collection for the Pc, Playstation 4 and Xbox One was there:

My first reaction was of course “WOW!!!” but after seeing the trailer over and over again I was thinking NO … this is not it. I mean in some scenes it looks a little bit weird. If we take a look at for example the first Gears of War they made an entire new game with the best graphics we ever seen, it looks completely as a new game! It would be better if Ubisoft did the same or at least the same level of graphics which we had with Unity. But ok Ubisoft choose for this approach and to be honest we can complain but we are “lucky” that we as fans can relive these epic games again. And for the new fans they can finally play the story of Ezio in better graphics.

After watching this video which was posted by The Ones Who Came Before and made by Assassin’s Creed Univers.

I must confess it looks better in a lot of ways and we really need to play this game to make our final conclusion. The time I played these games was on my Xbox 360 with a “HD Ready” TV and now I can play these games on my Xbox One on my Full HD TV. So I know for sure it will look better than the original.

And also don’t forget there is a collector’s edition which contains the “basic” things, soundtrack, EZIO BUST etc. In one hell of a package which I really enjoy. Ubisoft always make a good and really descent package with good content. And this time the price is also much better than the 150 euro pricing. Now we have three games, all the DLC and a great collector`s case.


Also for us MyCreed, we started a little bit before Black Flag came out, so finally we can more with Ezio now. Think about short video clips, more blogs and articles and even some Twitch streaming. We can relive the story of Ezio again and for the new fans these games II, Brotherhood and Revelations are definitely worth playing!

Please feel free to share your opinion about my blog and about The Ezio Collection!