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[Blog] Ivar`s reaction to The Ezio Collection

It has been quite a while since my last blog. We worked hard behind the screens to bring you the all new website, and with succes I might add! When the new Trailer surfaced, I was really excited. I love Ezio and always felt some sort of connection with his character, so when the first rumors were surfacing, I was very happy.

The moment the trailer came online, I watched it with awe. At least, that is what I thought. I waited for the new graphics to be shown, as I thought they first showed us the old graphics. However, that was apparently not the case. That was a bummer I still haven’t fully accepted till this day. I hoped to see Ezio in new, HD graphics. However, it is apparent that Ubisoft only changed the textures, lighting and draw distance. The models are still of 2008. On the plus side, this shows me how far graphical quality has come in just those couple of years.


Just as Michael mentioned in his blog, there is a video which shows us just how much the textures are changed. And even though it wasn’t obvious to me without this video, it is actually quite the change! The following video was posted by The Ones Who Came Before and made by Assassin’s Creed Univers.

However, even with the graphics not of this era, but still way better than the originals, I am still excited to play the Ezio Trilogy on the current generation consoles. As I loved Ezio’s story, this remaster gives me a reason to play it once again. Especially now we can play it in one breath. Start in Florence/Firenze, visit Rome and end in Constantinople. November will be the day I revisit my memories and I cannot wait!