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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey launch week!

Last year after finishing Assassin’s Creed Origins we all thought “Pff must we wait another year for a new story?” Well this week it is already so far! Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will come on two different days. Those are:Tuesday 2 October and Friday 5 October. This part also contains a kind of equal or even a bigger world than Origins. We will now also have to make certain choices that will influence the course of the story. In short, it will be a busy but especially a beautiful week. Read more quickly what you can and can expect from us.

MyCreed Team!

First of all a congratulation for ourselves. A year ago we started with our current team, a huge achievement and accomplishment for us. So you see again that the Assassins listen easily and follow orders from a Templar who stands high and lonely at the top within MyCreed, No, without craziness, we have a great team, totally crazy about Assassin’s Creed and we all look in our own way to Odyssey. We really make something beautiful with the time we have here within MyCreed. We all work very hard and that may well be mentioned and appointed from time to time.

My compliments and congratulations to this team, without you no MyCreed.
Ivar, Erin, Boudewijn, Thijssen, Martien, Melissa and Elinor thank you!

Reviews? Previews? Blogs????

To make a review, we believe that a game like this should be played through properly. You also expect from us as diehard fans that we can do this objective and also with great care. Now everyone knows it is impossible for us to make a review on day one. In fact, every year we are talking about it.  And we are looking at what we are going to do on this matter. This year it will be no different than before, so the review comes when someone of us is ready and willing to write a review.

What you can expect from us this year is that we all start writing again on the day of the release. When we are in the game for a couple of hours, we immediately put our experiences into a blog and then you can already taste what Odyssey will be like. We will also share many videos, screens and we are busy to also start streaming!
We will do our best again to post a lot and of course also a lot of gaming!

Enjoy the week and the weeks to come and share everything with us and each other on the pages and of course our groups!