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The Voice of Assassin's Creed - Recording at Hans Zimmer's Studio

Geüpload op 10 okt. 2011

In September 2011, Madeline Bell, an 18 year old health science student from California, sang a beautiful voice performance into her laptop in her dorm room and submitted it to UJAMs international voice casting for Ubisofts Assassin's Creed Theme. During the two weeks of the contest, she was voted into the Top 20 by the public, and a jury consisting of Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe and Simon Landry (Ubisoft) chose her as the winner. Three weeks after her performance, this video was shot, showing Madeline blowing everyone away at Hans Zimmers Remote Control Productions studios.

The Creed (Official Assassin's Creed Theme)
Performed by Riva Taylor

Gepubliceerd op 5 nov. 2014

Assassin's Creed (Videogame Soundtrack)
Performed by Zyrah

Gepubliceerd op 20 mrt. 2015

Assassin's Creed III
Performed by Lindsey Stirling

Gepubliceerd op 5 nov. 2012

Assassin's Creed Main Theme
Composed by Lorne Balfe, directed by Oscar Senén

Gepubliceerd op 7 nov. 2013

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Suite
Live with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra : SCORE

Gepubliceerd op 3 feb. 2016

Multiplayer Ensemble plays "Ezio's Family" from Assassin's Creed II

Gepubliceerd op 20 mei 2014

Assassin's Creed: Ezio's Family (Metal/Rock Cover) ft. Alina Lesnik - Srod Almenara

Gepubliceerd op 10 mei 2016

Assassin's Creed II & III (acoustic/orchestral) | Stefanovic

Gepubliceerd op 10 apr. 2013

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