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Announcement [World]: Welcome to MyCreed World!

One place, one website for all the assassin`s creed fans all over the world. If you like stories, articles, art, merchandise and all the other information about assassin`s creed, MyCreed World is the place to be. After today all our websites are united in one new powerful website!

When we started years ago our goal was to have several brands. Each brand stands for one theme or language. For the Dutch content we have MyCreed Nederland. For the English content MyCreed Global. For all the Cosplayers out there, MyCreed Cosplay. And of course for all the creative artist and collectors, MyCreed Creations. But to maintain all these brands, websites and Facebook pages with a small team like us is really difficult to do. Because of this we  lost some precious time to make new content. This is why we came up with one website beside our company website from MyCreed Network.

When you open the website: you will see a large homepage with all the content from all the different brands. With one view you can see the latest blogs / articles / interviews / art and more. In the main menu you can find easily the different brand symbols with a short description. When you click on a brand, it will open a new sort of homepage. Here you can find everything from that brand!


We maintained our design, structure and the way we are making content. Our old domain names are still usable, and they will forward you directly to the brand which had a own website before. Our Facebook pages will remain as they are. So you can follow us on all the different Facebook pages or if you want to stay up-to-date with one of our Facebook pages. You will never miss any content which we share, make or provide.

Last but not least. I also want to share my gratitude to all the Assassin`s Creed fans who follow us, share our messages, participate on Facebook or on the website(s). Also want to say many thanks to all our new friends (Xbox One Nederland, Films & Series Nederland, Xbox Scorpio, Secret-Assassins, Legendary-Assassins, Hidden-Assassins, Joker-Laugh, Assassin`s Creed Cosplay Nederland & 2eKansGames!) who helped us sharing more and better content.

And of course our own team members Mandy and Ivar who are working day and night to make MyCreed possible!


Kind regards,
MyCreed World

Michael Braam, Mandy Kenway and Ivar Blaauw

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